i. @marcus.branch 
e. marcusbranchstudios@gmail.com


2024 Intimacy, Off The Wall Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2023 Smell Your Flowers - Solo Exhibition, Mission in Arts Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2023 Love Labs, Group Show, Philadelphia PA
2023  Black Joy, HARLEM on Amazon Prime -TV Show, Harlem NY
2020  Art Is Revolution AR (Augmented Reality) Exhibition, All Black Creatives
2019  Before My Eyes, Side Street Studio Art, Elgin IL
2019  Stonewall @ 50, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2019  Encounters with Whitman, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia PA
2019  Brick By Brick, Off The Wall Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2019  4 Queer Voices, William Way, Philadelphia PA
2019  Track Takeover, Public Art Exhibition at Walnut-Locust Station, Philadelphia PA
2018  Alumni Exhibition, Dorrance Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2018  Visibility, Solo Exhibition, Philly Art Collective Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2018  Natural, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia PA
2018  FEEL, Brooklyn Brush Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2018  O:O Othered Others, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia PA 
2017  Polaroid Originals: The New Originals, Chesterfield Gallery, New York, NY
2016  Untagged, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown MA
2015  Americana, Leslie-Lohan Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York NY
2013  Mock Up, Solo Exhibition, Gallery One, Philadelphia PA


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA 2014

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